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Premium Addons [TH] Ban Essentials 1.0.0 Patch 1 1.0.0

It will enhance the user banning with several options.

  1. The Revenger
    Official Sales Page:
    Compatible XF Versions::
    1.4 1.5
    This mod will enahance the User Banning with several new options.

    1) It will move the banning option to the forum front end where your moderators can ban/unban users without having to go to the Acp. A list with all banned users and a ban log will be available as well.

    2) Whenever an user is banned/unbanned either through the Acp and/or the front end, a thread will be created automatically at a forum of your choosing. You can also choose the thread starter of the banned/unbanned automated threads and the thread message.

    To have a clearer idea as to what the mod looks like in action, please check out the attached screenshots.

    Thank you for reading this thread :smile:


    1. 1acp.png
    2. 2acp.png
    3. 3bancard.PNG
    4. 4profile.png
    5. 5postbit.png
    6. 6ban.png
    7. 7unban.png
    8. 8ban-unban.png
    9. 9banthread.png
    10. 10unbanned.png
    11. 11banned.png
    12. 12.png
    13. 13.png
    14. 14.png