EditPad Pro 7.3.8

Discussion in 'Other Software' started by shammy1989, Sep 27, 2015.

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  1. shammy1989

    shammy1989 Sys Uploder
    Sys Uploder

    Aug 3, 2015
    United Arab Emirates
    EditPad Pro 7.3.8



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    New in version 7.3.8
    May 5th, 2015

    File Types|Colors and Syntax: Button for the background color is now hidden when "Editor: Folding icons" is selected in the list, as this item does not have a background color.
    File Types|Colors and Syntax: The default color for bookmarks and folding icons is now the margin color rather than the plain text color.
    Preferences|Cursors: Custom mouse pointers now scale on high DPI systems just like the standard mouse pointers.
    Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2a.
    Bug fixes:
    Double-clicking the same file twice in Windows Explorer while EditPad is not running may start a new EditPad instance wtih two tabs for the file when the two double clicks are timed just so.
    Extra|Compare Files: Canceling the dialog to select the file to compare with without selecting a file caused an error.
    Extra|Next/Previous Comparison Mark did not move the (empty) selection marker along with the cursor, causing commands like Edit|Cut to work on the previous selection or the previously active line instead of the line that was moved to if used immediately after Extra|Next/Previous Comparison Mark.
    File Types|Colors and Syntax: Selecting "Default" as the color for the margins or the folding icons indeed results in black column numbers and black folding icons, instead of the colors for plain text being used.
    Macros: Macro playback stopped when playing back an Arrow Left/Right key press cleared the selection without moving the cursor due to the option "Arrow Left and Right move the cursor to the other edge of the selection" being turned on in the Cursor Preferences.
    Occasional random crashes when a single 64-bit EditPad instance was using more than 4 GB of memory (or an immediate crash on startup when the AllocationPreference registry key forces memory to be allocated from the top down).
    Preferences|System: Setting a memory limit above 2 GB for the undo history caused "list index out of bounds" and "access violation" errors while editing.
    Regex: Syntax highlighting indicated numbered backreferences that use the syntax for named backreferences as errors even though EditPad allows such backreferences (as long as there is a group with the specified number).
    Search: Changing the search term or replacement string via the right-click menus of the drop-down list does not show the selected term until keyboard focus is moved away from the drop-down list.
    Split editor: Adding a line scrolls up the other half if the part of the file visible in the other half is before the position where the line was added if word wrapping was off.
    Split editor: Deleting a line scrolls up the other half if the part of the file visible in the other half is after the position where the line was added if word wrapping was off.
    Windows 7: Minimizing EditPad when the option to hide the taskbar button is turned on in Options|Preferences|System left a non-functional taskbar button instead of hiding it (7.3.7 only).


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  3. ThisGuy365

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    Apr 20, 2017
    United States
    Can't wait to test it out....I will be replying later with a brief summary of my experience

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