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Discussion in 'Rules' started by DiLshad Sys, Jan 12, 2015.

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  1. DiLshad Sys

    DiLshad Sys Super Admin
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    Jan 12, 2015
    Reporting Posts
    Below is a list of all the official report options and their meanings. When reporting a post please make sure that the post does violate a site rule or policy. Action will be taken by staff members at their leisure. The decision on what action to take will rest solely on Staff. Reporting a post does not guarantee any action will be committed. If you would like to report a user for breaking other rules which do not have accompanying posts as proof, such as someone having multiple accounts,

    To report a post or thread, press theReportbutton at the bottom right-hand corner of the thread or post. You must select an appropriate option based on the rule being infringed upon by the thread or post, and then press theReport Postbutton. If you are not sure which option to select, read the following descriptions for each.

    Adult Content
    Posts or threads may not contain any graphic images, links to or discussion of adult or gore-filled sites, nudity, obscenity, vulgarity, or anything else not appropriate for the eyes of anyone under the age of 18. Likewise, the buying, selling, trading, requesting, offering, appraising, and auctioning of related accounts is forbidden.

    Copyright Infringement
    Threads and posts should respect business copyrights. The use of copyrighted material like images, software and music is disallowed without the creator's approval. No content should also be directed towards the violation of these rights.

    Cross-posting is the creation of the same thread in more than one place. Only one thread regarding the same topic may be posted. If you incorrectly post a thread in the wrong forum, please report the post and Staff should move it for you without penalty. Additionally, should the incident concern use theMarket Cross-Postingreport option.

    Disallowed Black Hat Activity
    Hack Forums does not tolerate even the slightest discussion of black hat activities as listed.Discussion of any kind on these topics will result into issuance of a warning. Certain cases will warrant a ban as Staff deems fit.

    Donation Begging
    Content that requests for monetary donations or gifts in any shape or form is not permitted, including the asking of loans and investments. Hack Forums also does not allow the posting of charity and funding-related threads and posts.

    Flame, Threat, Harassment
    Any post or thread which contains any defamatory, hateful, racist, and other threatening remarks towards a user, multiple users, threads or sections belong to this report option. Such posts may inflict multiple warnings as they also fall under poor-quality posting.

    Forum Advertising
    Hack Forums will not stand for the advertising of competing forums in any thread, post, or profile. Competing forums are other forums that have any number of sections dedicated toward hacking such as the ones. Some sites may be advertised with the approval of the administrator; contact with the link asking where you can post it.

    Infected Download or Link
    Providing a direct link to any malicious file such as Trojans, spyware, or malware to infect members is unacceptable. Reporters are to provide conclusive proof before declaring a thread or post as such, and report the post they made containing the evidence (instead of the post in question) for Staff's perusal.

    Leeched Post
    Leeching is when information is taken from one place and posted somewhere else without giving any credit. Threads or posts where the user does not credit the material copied from either the site itself or elsewhere on the Internet will have their thread(s) removed and their account possibly closed.

    Low Quality
    Threads, posts, and characters in threads and posts that are non-contributive, are non-supportive, and are generally incoherent fall under this. This includes but is not limited to the following variations and instances:
    • Avoiding character requirements in a post by adding empty characters, special characters that do not appear when posted, fillers, useless text (e.g. "35 char", "bump", "msg2short" or "tooshort") or a ridiculous amount of smileys to bypass the limit;
    • Explicitly repeating what another user said;
    • Posting of memes as an answer to the topic;
    • The intentional use of broken English (e.g. Dolan Speak);
    • Trolling; and
    • Quoting posts without adding to them.
    Other cases are at the discretion of the staff member who receives the report. Note that administrators, Staff, Mentors and moderators are not subject to this rule in the sections they moderate as they do not have a character limit to begin with.

    Market Cross-Posting
    No thread is to be posted more than once in any sections Threads are to be posted in appropriate sections as well. Reporters should post the link to the other thread(s) and report their own post as such for Staff to see.

    Marketplace Violation
    Members are expected to be mature enough not to bash each other's sales threads. For a complete list of violations that fall under this, refer to document. Below is a summary of the latter, which include the following:
    • Any post or thread that violates the sectional rules of Sections;
    • Bumping of your threads with poor posts such as "I am online" , "I am offering support" or "I am still selling";
    • Bumping of threads that are not yours with poor posts as mentioned above, as a support team member role;
    • Discouraging a sale without proper reason;
    • Pointing to the thread of competitors;
    • Posting and deleting posts in order to bump threads (PBD); and
    • Reviews copying the format used by the Reviewers.
    Customers posting negative reviews is not a violation and should not be reported as such. Users abusing this option will be sanctioned.

    Not in Marketplace
    All marketplace-style threads or posts such as buying, selling, trading, offering a paid service, appraising, and auctioning belong to the Marketplace. Users failing to comply will earn a three-day ban. This includes threads with "optional payments" or "not free" remarks.

    Unrelated or Off-Topic Post
    Posts should always be part of the original discussion posted by the thread creator. Any post that derails the original thread topic will be removed with the poster possibly earning a warning as Staff deems fit.

    Personal Data
    All posts and threads may not contain personal information about anyone. No phone numbers, addresses, IP and e-mail addresses, names, or contact information of any kind about anyone other than yourself. An exception is granted to threads and posts located in the

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    Post to PM
    Users are not allowed to ask members to post on their threads, including PMs, in order to receive whatever they are offering (that is distributed via PM). This includes saying "or" instead of "and". Members may simply post the direct link on the thread instead (if applicable) or ask others to PM them. More information regarding the rule can be found

    Profile Violation
    Users may not violate any of the profile rules listed . Reporters are asked to report just one post of the user in question and Staff will take action as necessary. Posts that admit to having multiple accounts fall under this as well.

    Reputation Abuse
    Users may not, in any thread or PM, ask for, offer, or hint at reputation. Inciting people to give reputation to any user is also disallowed. More information regarding the reputation system can be foun
    Spam Posting
    Spam is committed when a user posts the same thing repeatedly. This option may also be used to report advertising bots. It is suggested that the reporter reports majority--if not all--of the posts in question.

    Vouch Begging
    No post or PM may contain any request or hint at vouch copies or any other term (as long as the spirit is asking for a product for free). Vouch copies are to be given out at the sole discretion of the user by clearly posting in his thread that he is giving away or has given out such copies. This option is not for posts vouching for a user (which breaks no rule).
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