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GlassWire is a smart and highly efficient software for managing and monitoring Internet traffic. The first thing that catches your eye on this app is its beautiful and user-friendly appearance. The appearance of this program and the very appropriate layout of the elements that we cover are the main function of the program. This program informs you after installing any sort of Internet transaction. You can deprive the program from access to the Internet. The application automatically and based on various charts displays the amount of traffic that you use in the 5 minute intervals, daily, weekly, monthly, or time interval you desire. The volume of consumption can also be specified by the specific schedule. For example, you want to know how much traffic has been spent over the past 24 hours.

This program has a powerful firewall where you can block a different application with one click. In the Alerts section and the program settings, you can display a warning message for all kinds of events or limit messages to the ones you need. This program also can display the volume of internal network transactions. All the volumes shown are downloaded and uploaded, and you can view your download and upload at a glance. This program does its job after hiding it in the system tray and does not disturb your activities. You can disable the app at any time with a single click. The software also has a variety of skins that you can select from each one you can see significant changes in the appearance of the program. We recommend using this app to manage traffic, because it is both beautiful and powerful.

Read the readme.txt for Installation Guide.



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