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Windows 10 more tuned? Turn apps off in the background

DiLshad Sys

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By default, there is a set of universal applications that are running in the background in the system and obviously consume resources. However there are applications that we do not even use and as such can be turned off.

Today we will learn how to easily turn off apps in the background in Windows 10.

Did you know that there are a set of applications that run in the background in Windows 10?

These applications maintain a set of information updated but for this they make use of CPU / RAM.

Why have the Xbox universal app if you do not have an Xbox?

And the OneNote app, do you?

And Sway ... do you or do you know what it is?

How do I turn off apps in the background?

One of the many good things about Windows 10 is that the system allows for a variety of customizations.

Anyone who wants to turn off background apps, as we have already shown here, just go to Settings ...

After Privacy ...

Then, in the side menu, choose the "Background Applications" option. Turn off apps that can receive information, send notifications, and more. As Microsoft says, shutting down applications in the background helps save energy (... and of course, other machine features).

How to see Application History?

For those who want the amount of information, CPU time, network card time used by these apps just use the shortcut "Ctrl + Shift + Esc" and go to the Application History tab.

off the apps in the background is a very simple task in Windows 10. Do not forget that turning off an app does not mean that it does not work, but rather it is to treat, in real time, a set of information .

Also do not expect the system to get much faster, but when you turn off some apps there is a feature that is released and can be used by other tasks.


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