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Windows 8.1 Dream Edition X64 2015 - Freeware Sys

DiLshad Sys

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Author : DiLshad Sys
Code Name : 8.1 Dream Edition
Windows : Windows 8.1 Pro VL
Architecture : x64 (64 Bit OS)
Update Included : May 2015
License : Evaluation Copy
Shrine :
Dedicated : Dream Edition

*OS Perks*

- Faster Booting
- Installs in less than 10 minutes
- New eye catching themes
- High resolution theme resources
- No issues with update on themes or boot
- Fixed delay time and also bug on updates
- Fixed bug on language stuffs
- New sound schemes
- New cursors
- New Brilliant wallpapers and Icon
- More..


- Full Tweaks

*Windows Programs Removed*





- New script to optimize WIMs
- New batch analyser script for the screens
- New WIM compression (Z-Compression)
- Fast menu response
- Fast boot up dll enhancement
- Faster shell responses
- Fast registry cleaning
- and many more DiLshad Sys's Techniques!!

DiLshad Sys

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I am going to try this I am burning it now on one of your screen shots shows Windows is not activated but we shall see.

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First panel content

Second panel title

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