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Windows 8.1 Ubuntu Edition 2015 - X64 - Dilshad Sys

DiLshad Sys

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Author : DiLshad Sys
Code Name : 8.1 Ubuntu Edition
Windows : Windows 8.1 Pro Media Center
Architecture : x64 (64 Bit OS)
License : Evaluation Copy
Shrine :
Dedicated : Ubuntu Edition
Full Video Installation and Details

*OS Perks*

- Boots up in less than 10 seconds
- Installs in less than 10 minutes
- New eye catching themes
- High resolution theme resources
- No issues with update on themes or boot
- Fixed delay time and also bug on updates
- Fixed bug on language stuffs
- New sound schemes
- New cursors
- New Brilliant wallpapers and Icon
- More..


- Add change theme
- Add change wallpaper
- Add desktop icon settings
- Add MSCONFIG to right of my computer
- Advanced user accounting
- Cleartype view
- Copy to Move to on right click
- Disabled windows defender at startup
- Disable hibernate
- Disable windows media player autoupdate
- Disable Tool Tips
- Don't mark new applications
- Enable ClearType Tuning
- Enable DVD in media player
- Enable Glass Effect(DWM) without graphics card
- Enable MP3 Encoding on right click
- Enable slow motion windows effects
- Enable status bar in notepad
- Give your self permission to modify all
- Grant full admin control
- DiLshad Sys Site direct link from right click
- Removed Action center Icon
- Windows speed tweakings (DiLshad Sys Registry)
- Wait to kill service - 2000
- Low leve hooks time out - 1000
- Hung application time out - 1000
- Menu show delay - 0
- No low disk space warning
Screen Shot

*Windows Programs Removed*



- 4Video Downloader
- Firefox
- Internet Download Manager
- Notepad++
- Foxit Reader
- Teamviwer
- RocketDock
- Ccleaner
- UxStyle Core Beta
- UltraISO
- VLC Media Player
- WinRAR


- New script to optimize WIMs
- New batch analyser script for the screens
- New WIM compression (Z-Compression)
- Fast menu response
- Fast boot up dll enhancement
- Faster shell responses
- Fast registry cleaning
- and many more DiLshad Sys's Techniques!!

DiLshad Sys
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8.1 Ubuntu Edition X64 2015 -Freeware Sys.iso - Free File Hosting - - FreeWareSys.Com

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There is Currently no Activation that works with this Build .
So u will have to use a legit Key from Windows 8.1 Pro

DiLshad used Windows 8.1 RTM Copy which is Retail
and is harder to Activate from the changes he does in hes builds

As Microsoft Toolkit Should work and Activate but does not
Sorry i tired Members

If i find anything that works i will let all of u members know Thanks

There is an alternative tho which i will be posting pretty soon

So u members here can have this Ubuntu version
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New member
I will have a activation ready for u all very very soon for those who are having problems activating this


New member
I will have a activation ready for u all very very soon for those who are having problems activating this

There are no activation her​

Yes We know this where so sorry for having a NO activation. Please Read what i have stated above. I will have one soon SORRY MEMBER'S OF FREEWARE SYS. I have been a bit busy working on new stuff with Dilshad. I will have it up here as fast as possible so sorry.

And continue to enjoy the site.Please check back every day for New Stuff we are always updating. And if we don't have something u are looking for please PM me and i will get it going for u


DiLshad Sys

Staff member
is there any activation key or how to activate it? this one or 10 turbo edition,whick one is better faster etc...
windows 10 turbo is faster and this 1 also faster for ubuntu u have to use Original Key of Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

Amin Kunate

New member
the zip files will download to extend and stop and i have to restart again. the highest i download is 355mb for each file i try to download. thanks

Amin Kunate

New member
Hello out there I have encountered a problem with my usb. I used it to create a bootable to test zorin os after which I used it to copy some files from a friend. But now I want to format completely which I found difficult in doing. I try with diskpart, sys manager, check disk, cmd, even with linux but still it wouldnt format. Each time says "unable to complete format". Could someone help me what to do? Its hp flash drive 16GB.

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